Committee on Transportation Communications (TransComm)

AASHTO Liaison
Lloyd Brown, Communications Director

2016 TransComm Skills Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of TransComm’s 2016 skills contest. Awards were presented at the 2016 TransComm meeting in Charleston, W.V. Below are the winning entries.

Division 1: Excel Awards
Division 2: Publications (Print and Electronic)
Division 3: Advertising
  • TV Commercial or PSA, with a Consultant: California
  • TV Commercial or PSA, without a Consultant: Idaho
  • Radio Advertisement, with or without a consultant: Maine
  • Indoor or Outdoor Advertising: Nevada
  • Ads, Print and Electronic: Kentucky
Division 4: Special Events
Division 5: Video Production
Division 6: Writing
Division 7: Issues and Crisis Management Communication
  • Crisis Management Communication: Alaska
  • Public Involvement Approach: Kentucky
Division 8: Graphic Design
  • Logo (not a 2017 standalone category): Nevada
  • Illustration (not a 2017 standalone category): Washington State
  • Photo: Iowa
  • Display: Mississippi
  • Info-Graphics (not a 2017 standalone category): Arizona
  • Interactive Presentation: N/A
Division 9: Website and Technology
  • Website, with consultant: North Dakota
  • Website, without consultant: N/A
  • Mobile Web Application: N/A
Division 10:
Division 11: Individual Awards
  • Vanguard Award: Gina Paige, Wisconsin
  • Spirit of TransComm: Cody Boyd, Oklahoma
  • PR Pro of the Year: Jarrod Ravencraft, Mississippi
  • Founder’s Award: N/A
  • Special Recognition Award: N/A