Category 1: Excel Awards
Category 2: Publications
Category 3: Advertising
  • Indoor or Outdoor Advertising: Nebraska
  • Ads, Print and Electronic: N/A
Category 4: Special Events
Category 5: Video & Audio Production
Category 6: Writing
Category 7: Issues/Crisis Management Communication
  • Issues/Crisis Management Communication: Alaska
  • Public Involvement Approach (with consultant): Florida
  • Public Involvement Approach (without consultant): Illinois
Category 8: Graphic Design
Category 9: Website and Technology
Division 10: Social Media
  • Best Use of Single Social Media Platform: Virginia
  • Best Use of Social Media in a Campaign: Kentucky
Division 11: Individual Awards
  • Spirit of TransComm: John Dougherty, Arizona
  • Vanguard: Lupita Franco, California
  • PR Pro of the Year: N/A
  • Founder’s Award: N/A
  • Special Recognition Award: N/A